First off, I want to thank you for tuning in to WildOne Forever's The Morning Nosh. We're closing out Week 4! I cannot say this path is easy. I've never been one to monologue but it gets a little easier with each passing day. Note that I didn't say I'm getting better - just that this is getting easier to spew. LOL

Today's topic piggybacks off of a great conversation I had with my good friends, Jennifer Pedalino-Drexler, Bill "McSciFi" McCormick, and Matthew Harris. The topic was: "MAN UP"

What exactly does that mean to us, how it's shaped us and our gut-check reaction to it and why we feel that way. It was an amazing hour. 

Do you have questions for me? 

As the emails start coming in, I will address them on my show. Topic ideas for future panel topics and conversations are appreciated too. 

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Have a great weekend! Tune in on Monday where I begin another week of stories, anecdotes and inspiration.


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