Have you ever had a dream of what you were going to accomplish or be when you grew up and the reality is so far from it that it's laughable? It's one thing for a child to look to the stars and think they're going to be an astronaut because their imagination takes them there.

But what about the dream job that you've been working on your entire life and, through no fault other than life choices, those dreams are dashed. Reality kicks in and you realize the dream you've kept alive is really dead. 

I've been there - and it was a very difficult time. I needed room to mourn a life I never had. No one really understood that deep sense of loss; certainly not my children. My poor husband was confused but it was something I went through. As hard as it was, it opened new doors. So I hope you take some inspiration from my story. Life is hard and we often have tough choices to make. Hopes and dreams make the journey easier but sometimes those go away too. It's okay. When a door closes, open another one and walk through. They're doors. That's what they are made for.

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