I don't usually push anything unless I feel strongly about the quality and messaging. 

 Way before COVID, there was a little girl who often got bullied and teased. She was a little off; didn't quite fit in; was the new girl... It didn't matter if it was a new school. A fresh start often meant a new set of mean kids. That little girl was me. And despite the hardships of my youth, I had unconditional love and support at home. 

 My dad was my biggest advocate and I attribute his humor and love and often misplace faith in humanity for being the person I am today. I guess that's why CatDad and SuperMom speaks to me and why I want to get this book in as many hands as possible. 

 It has bold lines, bold colors and bold messaging. Doing the right thing isn't always easy. Proceeds of Robert Gregory's kickstarter is being used to help send work to his local print shop.

 Check out the progress and throw in a dollar if you can. If you can't please share it out to your friends. It only takes a click of the button. Thank you. I hope you tune in to this special episode of Lady Geek Live and WildOne Forever with Rob Andersin and Meredith Loughran 

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